Mattress Removal London

You can visit mattress removal prices for our removal service cost guideline.

Mattresses usually consists of cotton straws, metal springs and rubber foams enclosed within a thick spun cotton material. All this heavy and dense materials used for the construction of the mattress makes it cumbersome to move from one place to another by a normal adult. Moreover, if it is unused or wearied, it is simply illegal to just throw them as such on any dumpster.

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We, at The London Rubbish Removal, provide professional Mattress Removal Services in London and make sure old and unwanted mattresses are recycled appropriately.

Contact us today or simply send us a photograph via our online quote form and we will email you a fixed price for the removal service. We provide numerous waste and junk removal services throughout Greater London. For more details on waste clearance like Mattress Removal London, visit our price guide here: Rubbish Removal Prices.

How to dispose off  Old Mattresses?

This this the exact service we provide and can deal with the mattress removal process right away. Give us a call or fill up our online price quote form with relevant photographs for us to give you a fixed price and an avaiable slot we have to carry out the service.


You will never even have to touch your old mattress. Once we schedule an appointment for you, our expert team will take away your burden of disposing your junk as their dedicated job. Right from the process of taking your old mattress, packing them, getting it into the truck and then transporting it to recycling process, all is taken care by our set of workers.

Along with mattress removal, we also remove the following items:

  • Bulk Clothing
  • Unused/Waste Furniture
  • Old Baggage/Suitcases
  • Electrical/Electronic Appliances
  • Office Equipments
  • Personal Rubbish Items
  • Wearied Metals/Plastics
  • Small/Big Toys
  • And Many more

The cost we charge reflects directly on the amount of the load that you want to clear off. Classification of each package is proportional to the amount of load in consideration. The Mattress Removal London cost is all feasible and been positive among almost all of our customers. We have clarified the details on our pricing page. We request you to please check them before you place the order.


Mattress Removal Faq

Do you charge as per the weight and dimension of the mattress?
Our company holds certain specification for each set of package. According to the classification, you will be charged accordingly. You can visit our prices here:

What are the other services you offer?
Apart from the Mattress Removal London service, we also provide entire house and office clearance, garage clearance, furniture removal and much more. We request you to contact our customer care to proceed.


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